Restore Your Vehicle’s AC Compressor Before Summers

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Restore Your Vehicle's AC Compressor Before Summers

It’s that time of year again. The temperatures have started rising, and before you know it, summer will be in full swing. If you’re like most people, you’ll want to make sure your car’s AC is working properly before the heat sets in.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about how to restore your vehicle’s AC compressor before summer arrives. We’ll identify some common issues with the AC compressor, and show you how to fix them.

Turn on the Vehicle and Check the Airflow

Airflow can help you identify many issues in your car’s AC. Use the key to start the car and turn on the air conditioner to high. Feel how cold, warm, or humid the air is as it comes out of the air conditioner.

If the air is warm to cool but not chilly enough, there may be a blockage in the airflow.

Check to see whether your cooling fans are working. There might be an electrical problem if the cooling fans on your radiator are not spinning.

You may need to replace the cabin air filter to improve air circulation. It’s possible that replacing the cabin filter would eliminate any noxious odors from the vehicle as well.

Check if the Compressor is Running

You need to make sure the air conditioner compressor is working properly. If it isn’t, you might need to make repairs.

To identify the problem in the compressor, find the clutch and check if the middle of the pulley rotates along with the pulley when the clutch is engaged.

However, if the clutch does not engage, the AC compressor may be damaged and need to be replaced.

Find the Leaks

To help you discover any leaks in your air conditioning system, you can purchase leak detection kits. These kits include a dye that will run down the lines and seep out of any holes or cracks, making them apparent.

If you find leaks, it’s best to take it to the shop for repairs and not try to fix them yourself.

If there are no leaks, the problem is simply low refrigerant. The other fix could be simply refilling the refrigerant.

It’s no secret that summers in Florida can be brutal. AC is typically the first thing people turn to when it starts getting hot outside.

At Hanania Buick GMC serving Crescent Beach, FL, we want all of our customers to enjoy a cool ride this summer without any trouble or headaches.

That’s why we recommend having your car’s AC compressor checked by one of our experts before summers arrive, so you can get any preventive maintenance and repairs if needed.

If you are unsure whether or not your car needs its compressor replaced or repaired, give us a call today or book a service online today.!

We’ll happily do whatever is necessary to keep you satisfied.

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